Casa Galeria

  • Program: Private Residence
  • Coming 2018
  • Size: 6,450 sf

Designed as a speculation house project within a hillside, rugged, mountainous terrain of the desert, the house is inspired by the setting and surroundings in which it is situated. While stepping down in to the hillside, the house creates a refuge for the future family and friends to inhabit, while opening up to long expanses of view to the mountains and valley below.

As an example of our design beliefs, the design of the house and site responds to various sociological ideas throughout. Various nodes of activity are present in which to engage the dweller as a community of large groups, smaller more intimate group settings, as well as places for quiet solitude and reflection. The site and structure define these areas subtly and yet provide a clear difference between them for the purpose of offering various spaces with which to inhabit. Simultaneously throughout each space, the connection between the structure and natural environment remain present. Through this connection we find a warmth and softness that compliment a strength found in the structural body. From some of the street perspectives, the house will tend to dissipate from view and melt in to the rugged landscape. From within, the house reveals new areas to discover, explore, and inspire.

The name “Galeria” comes from the ideas of providing long rooms with large expanses of windows as well as a place to collect and display art. It is our belief that this house, and its placement within the natural environment, will define the art collection for the owner. Throughout the floor plan, we insured that there was ample space for the display of paintings, sculpture, pottery, etc. and that this artwork could be clearly juxtaposed to large open areas of landscape beyond. The artwork, as is the architecture, needs to be site-specific.