Desert Lily

  • Program: Private Residence
  • Completed in 2012
  • Size: 4700 sf

Desert Lily is an architecture and landscape project situated in Palm Desert, CA. It is a 4,700 sf. vacation home for a husband and wife who desire a property where social recreation and gatherings are the priority. In response, Studio AR + D developed a scheme based on a dual-zoned, public and private residence with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living.

In order to fully engage the entertainment spaces of the program, the plan utilizes a sequence of volumes that rises and falls like the mountain range that forms the back-drop of this project. The change in volume guides the occupants throughout the residence. In order to draw attention to arrival and communal spaces, high, clerestory windows that exhibit slices of glazing, frame the sky causing the colors of the sunset to bleed into the expansive rooms. The main living area extends itself into the surrounding landscape, by capturing and defining views of the San Jacinto Mountain to the West and the Santa Rosa Mountain to the South. This indoor/outdoor living strategy promotes a flowing site line that connects property and residence. Studio AR + D activated the circulation of this area through materials that flow from the interior to the exterior and out into the landscape, like polished concrete floors that originate in the main indoor living area and go on to wrap around the pool. While still connected to the outdoors with access to private gardens, the spaces feature a more humble ceiling height and reserved rooms, insinuating intimate and ancillary spaces. The visceral volume of these private spaces contrasts with the expanding volumes of the public spaces, informing the occupant of the spaces intended use.

Desert Lily is fully engaged in its landscape providing the perfect opportunity to entertain guests as well as creating private moments for retreat and solitude.