• Program: Private Residence
  • Completed in 2012

Lofted above an undulating landscape, Miraleste strives to only faintly touch the rolling hills on which it resides. By suspending the floor planes and roof lines, the residence appears to be floating whereas the structural masonry walls from which they are suspended, delve into the earth. The residence has minimal physical interaction with its environment however; it does solicit the landscape through the entry sequence and by framing the surrounding mountain views.

The entry sequence features a corridor that is composed of three layers of materials that peel away from the rest of the form: wood, concrete block, and glazing. This curvilinear form not only directs circulation and draws the occupant into the main area of the home but, it also optimizes views from both sides of the corridor. Evenly spaced wooden louvers and cut outs in the masonry wall help to further frame these views as one passes through. Finally, the owners expressed the need for simple, white walls to create an intimate gallery feel throughout the residence for their art collection.