Studio AR&D Architects is an innovative Architecture + Design + Construction firm working nationally as one office from two locations: Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California. Our firm was founded on the belief that architecture has the capacity to help shape one’s experience in and of this world. Our projects, big or small, public or private, high-end or low-income, all engage the public in a meaningful, poetic way and leave a lasting impression.

Continued growth is vital to the development of our work. We are constantly re-evaluating and repositioning the work as the world around us changes. Change in our own work stems from an intense exploration of the complex social, cultural, political and technological issues that influence each project.

Innovation and a never-ending inquiry are at the forefront of every challenge presented to us. In 2010 our firm formed a construction division becoming a truly “architect owned” design and construction firm with the goal of building architecture through a process without sacrifice to quality and design intent. Extensive research and analysis along with the implementation of new technologies, new fabrication methods, new means of construction and new materials yield a relevant, forward-thinking architecture in the built environment.

The context from which each project is situated is deeply interrogated. With each project the firm explores new ways of integrating the unique character of the program with the site as a starting point for the buildings character and aesthetic. Out of this study a style is formed rather than imposing a defined style to each site and climate type preemptively. It is through the process of uncovering the imbedded potential coupled with pursuing larger cultural ideas that result in very specific solutions. The architecture reflects the inherent conditions of each client, site, program and budget.

Our body of work is diverse. Projects range from furniture and single room interiors to hand-crafted masonry structures; from medical centers to custom homes in the cities and deserts of California; from small-scale gallery installations to ski chalets in Canada; to our affordable housing projects for migrant workers in the California Desert.

Our work is as multiple and varied as life itself. We are committed to expanding, pushing, rethinking, retooling and rebooting; whatever it takes to continue to create relevant, well-crafted, meaningful experiences.


For us, the project was certainly more about the site, the views, the nature and the family-retreat concept than it was about building a spectacular home, Schnabel said. Although Sean made sure we ended up with that too.

Schnabel Family Retreat